Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thing 3 : Utilities

I downloaded and played around with Redlaser... I did like the QR scanning capabilities, but I just felt it was a little too easy to shop away lots of money this way! Buying things just comes a bit too easy for me anyway, and after getting a sneaking suspicion this app was using me more than I was using it, I deleted it. I think I'd be likely use something like it, minus the consumer elements. Google Search, on the contrary, was a very handy tool for me! I loved how all my Google favorites were all in one handy place for me -- maps, finance, translate, gmail, news, earth, and of course... blogger! I forsee myself using this heavily in the future.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Thing 2 : Mobile Device Tips

Having used iPads and other devices on a somewhat superficial basis (knowing how to accomplish tasks, but not always knowing the best shortcuts), this step helped me learn some neat tricks and tips. Here are just a few of the things I learned:
  • To save online images, open it in a new tab and then select "save image" -- it will then appear in your photos. I saved the above image -- don't worry, I didn't violate copyright :)
  • To take a screenshot, hold the power button and click on the home button -- it will then appear in your photos
  • To can lock the screen orientation via the settings menu, or simply double-click the home button (this will pull up recently used apps at the bottom of the screen). Then, swipe your finger from left to right, pulling up the quick settings menu -- the orientation lock is on the far left
  • The screen brighness and volume can also be adjusted from the quick settings menu
  • Turning on airplane mode makes battery recharging much faster
  • To rearrange icons, hold your finger over one of them until they all wiggle -- then drag them where you want. You can also add more icons to the bottom dock (you can have up to 6).
  • Parents can (and should) disable automatic purchases from the Settings Menu, and can set it to require a password... This will safeguard them against their little ones racking up massive bills.

Friday, January 24, 2014

So it Begins... Thing 1 : Blogging and Registration

This isn't my first blog, but it's been years, so here goes! I've signed up to participate in 23 Mobile Things to gain some additional experience working with mobile apps. Working within a Public Library setting, we can never have too much exposure to new things in digital environments, and customers are always full of questions about apps and their various gadgets. I am interested in learning how to make their lives (and mine) easier and brainstorming new potential ways of incorporating them into everyday services to library customers. I will be working on an iOS platform, but I'm also curious to see how others are using their 23 things in different ways. I will be sharing best practices, tips & tricks I pick up along with way with the rest of my department team.

Thanks for reading!

Obligatory Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed herein are my alone, and not those of my employer(s).